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Farm Calls

At Odom Veterinary Hospital in Farmerville, LA, goes beyond the conventional to meet the unique needs of our clients through our Farm Calls service. Dr. Odom personally conducts fieldwork, providing on-site veterinary care where it matters most – right at your farm.

a horse and cow standing
a group of cows behind a wire fence

The Essence of Farm Calls

Farm Calls at Odom Veterinary Hospital involve Dr. Odom visiting your actual farm, allowing for personalized and convenient veterinary services. This on-site approach brings veterinary care to your doorstep, eliminating the stress of transporting your animals to a clinic.

Where Dr. Odom Goes

Dr. Odom takes pride in bringing veterinary care directly to your farm. Whether you have horses, cattle, or other farm animals, our farm calls service caters to the diverse needs of agricultural communities in and around Farmerville, LA.

Key Services and Benefits

On-Site Examinations:
Our Farm Calls service enables thorough on-site examinations, providing a comprehensive understanding of your animals’ health within their familiar environment.
Vaccinations and Preventive Care:
Dr. Odom administers vaccinations and preventive care right at your farm, ensuring your animals are protected from common diseases.

Diagnostics and Testing:
Our veterinary team performs necessary diagnostics and testing on-site, offering real-time insights into your animals’ health.

Convenience for Large Animals:
Particularly beneficial for large animals, Farm Calls streamline the veterinary care process, making it more accessible and stress-free for both owners and animals.

Why Choose Odom Veterinary Hospital for Farm Calls

  • Personalized Care: Our on-site approach allows us to deliver personalized care tailored to the specific needs and conditions of your farm animals.

  • Minimized Stress: Avoid the hassle of transporting your animals. Farm Calls reduce stress for both animals and owners, fostering a more comfortable and positive veterinary experience.

  • Expertise and Experience: Dr. Odom’s expertise in veterinary medicine, combined with years of experience in farm animal care, ensures top-notch service during every Farm Call.